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Coverage Areas & Carriers

We offer plenty of coverage choices at different prices by maximizing our network and shopping our clients to as many carriers as we can. We keep your policies current to make sure you have the most comprehensive and affordable coverage available.


Our home insurance protects against many risks like natural disasters, theft, and property damage. You can customize your coverage to fit your needs and budget, so you're never under or over-insured.


Our experienced team is here to help you understand your policy and assist with any claims, making the process easy and


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New drivers, experienced motorists, or parents with teens behind the wheel – we've got you covered. With access to multiple carriers, we craft policies tailored to your coverage needs, driving history, and budget. Drive confidently with our personalized solutions!


For Frog Follies aficionados, we offer specialized coverage for your cherished classic and collectible vehicles. We understand the significance of protecting the vehicles you've invested your passion in. With Hagerty's 'Agreed Value' coverage, rest assured that your vehicle's worth is accurately reflected.


Emphasizing safety and savings, we offer discounts and encourage completion of safety courses for our customers. With our motorcycle coverage, you'll ride with confidence, knowing you're protected with adequate liability and medical payment coverage. Get a quote today to ensure your peace of mind on the road!

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From golf carts to side-by-sides, if it's off-road with four wheels, we've got you covered!


Whether it's your home away from home or a luxurious glamping retreat, we tailor policies for every camper and RV owner. Let us customize a policy that fits your unique needs and lifestyle!


From property and liability coverage to specialized policies for industries like construction and hospitality, we've got you covered. Safeguard your business with our comprehensive solutions and expert guidance.


Your health matters.

Our comprehensive health insurance plans provide peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones. From routine check-ups to unexpected medical needs, we've got you covered. Explore our range of options and secure your health today.

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Life insurance is more than just a policy; it's a cornerstone of financial planning that provides security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Here's why life insurance is an essential consideration for anyone looking to protect their family's future.


Set sail with confidence knowing your boat is protected! Our carriers offer comprehensive boat insurance policies from coverage for damage and liability to protection for equipment and accessories. Talk with an agent to discuss our plans to ensure for smooth sailing.

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Enhance your personal insurance protection with umbrella coverage. This additional layer of insurance goes above and beyond your standard home and auto policies, providing extra liability coverage for unexpected events. Ensure peace of mind knowing your assets and finances are safeguarded against potential risks. Explore our umbrella coverage options today!

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